Aloonix DE, the GNU/Linux distribution you deserve

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Get the torrent file or download directly from or Mediafire.
The download is a 738 MiB 7-Zip archive with a VirtualBox VM inside. You are hardly entitled to better things.


I get a "mismatched CPUID" error. What should I do?
Give up. Nothing you do makes anything better. Haven't you realized this by now? You could try discarding the saved state of the VM, and if that doesn't help, creating a new VM with the Aloonix DE hard drive image file but let's face it — you'll fail even at this simple task.
I can't download the torrent. Why won't any of my peers seed it for me?
That's very appropriate given that your real-life peers never liked you, either. If no one is willing to share with you and you think it's not a problem at your end (as if), you can always try to go to a commercial entity like Mega instead for a direct download. You can even pretend it is your friend sharing with you while they show you the ads.
What does "DE" stand for?
"Debian Edition".
What is the login/password?
Look in the README.txt file. If you now feel that you should have been able to figure this out on your own, that's right; you should have been.
Where is README.txt?
You really are helpless, aren't you? It's in Aloonix DE, the only directory inside the archive.